a JuVeNiLe iNNoCeNcE

I reached Ambernath station and its already 6:30 PM; I have only 13 mins to spend with her before my next train arrives for khopoli.

After around 10 years, she was with me; except once or twice I had seen her  but not alone and; in my fantasies. When I was priority for her, we were not knowing meaning of priority, and today I am not her priority at all.
How beautiful a girl is!- has direct linkage with how many are attracted towards a girl. She was not among beautiful damsels, but still she always remained special for me. A girl, her beauty, attraction were not part of my thinking when I was in school. But somewhere in corner of my mind those things were always lingering for her. And surprisingly in her mind also. 

6:43 PM- train is standing in front of me, If miss the train then I will miss my bus also; whereas If I miss these couple of minutes now; then most probably, I would meet her  in marriage directly. By the time train started moving. Now my next train is at 7:39 PM after one hour. May be she also wanted to spend some more time with me. Actually there was no any special topic, I had to discuss with her, whole discussion was revolving around normal 'hi and hello chat'. 

I remember, it was my SSC exam time. I had made up my mind, if not now then never, its my last exam paper means last chance. I have to confess it to her. I completed my exam, I was looking for her outside exam hall; unfortunately I could not find her anywhere.

At around 7:00 PM her phone rang. The special one was on other end waiting for her on Thane station which is around 45 mins from Ambernath Station. She had to move now. Though her 2nd priority had left train for her to spend some more time, and 1st priority is waiting her somewhere else.

We went to different location for studies after SSC. Keeping communication with friends was not so easy those days since that was not era of mobile, facebook, SMS, etc. Hence there was no contact for many years and when I got her back during my final year of engineering, things were changed, priorities were shifted. New friends were attached to her including a special one also.

I got call after some time; voice was not clear, I could here some sorry and all but I could not talk much due to network problem. Fortunately now I am very much accustomed to such things.

16th Feb 2013.
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fRee HaNd wOrK wiTH gRaPhiTe,,,,

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