lIfE gOeS oN

27th May 2013

How was it? Did I pass or fail? Unfortunately answers are not available to anyone. What about my performance? No one is bothered. Next phase is ready with my new targets.  I got to just move on with fresh start because I don’t know place to dump my failures. It’s all gambling of mind because it is me and my life.
Finally mail flashed on my desktop and my transfer has been confirmed. School-college-job! Where am I going? Whether ever I had thought of going to place like Bhivpuri for that magical term called CAREER, when used think about my future in school days? Is it right path am I walking on. If this is asked to me then definitely I will say I am on wrong track. But I am not capable to perfectly judge it. Everything seems correct here and no answer is wrong?

Just quick review of my journey so far; scholarship exam, SSC exam, CET, till my selection in Tata Power, everything is above satisfaction. Now I am at one more critical interface where feeling of satisfaction is little missing. At end of everything I have to convince myself that its hunt for something to justify your life to yourself. 

Our mind keeps wobbling in fixing upper and lower deviation of happenings (or incidents) which are likely to hit us in future. We are in continuous efforts to align our today with tomorrow. But normally it doesn’t go that perfectly. There is always something ready which is going to strike out your limits and you found yourself landed in some puzzled state. This is how we learn to have more stretched target ahead. All I m trying to match the day I joined here and now when I am leaving from here (not fully but partially).
A girl says it was me who started your day and your day didn’t go well. It starts with very simple things. It is like roaming in garden full of colorful flowers in pleasant atmosphere where many things are getting framed inside. Then few months down the line, all of a sudden its unknown desert.
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