Today evening,I opened my cupboard. I saw a conch (shankh) lying just behind the heap of cloth since last two years. And I was lost in days of yore.

I am standing on cliff of sentiments with zephyr of anguish and far away from life whose sweetness I have just tasted. But It was taste a drug to which I am badly addicted; unfortunately I am yet to realise it. And this addiction is going to convert into a disaster,was far away from my dreams also.

It was a fine evening on a seashore. Sun was about to touch the sea. Atmosphere was little tense; clouded with relunctant thoughts.

I was with one friend. He started narrating a story he had read in some book.

Actually I dont remember the story exactly but the crisp of the story which made it a life time memory for me that I do remember.

One beautiful looking girl was in love with a boy.The boy was very talented and carrier oriented. He used be very busy in his bussiness. He had no time for beautiful girl who was in love with him. He had not realise that there is something other than money and carrier where he need to look as well.

Due to some official work, he was on tour to Austrialia. One evening he was roaming on a seashore. He was knowing about the girl who was madly in love with him. May be the silent beauty of nature at that sea shore made him realise about her. This is time to spend with someone whose is waiting for him overseas. Without wasting time, he called the girl. And he confessed his feelings to her. She also got very excited the news; she was waiting it for long. Finally he asked what should I bring for you. Then girl asked; where are you.
He said on a seashore. And what do you have in your pocket. He said a match box.
The girl asked him bring some sand in match box.

Next moment I observed a person with bag full of conches; standing in front of me. Actually He was selling those. But conches were of no use for me. Hero of the story I had just heard; had a reason to take sand in match box for special person as a gift. And I don't know why I felt like buying one conch. Offering a gift like this to someone was a stupid joke. I had reason to take it but there was no right acceptor for my gift.Since then, conch is lying in cupboard.

10th Dec 2012


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