sHaDes oF ThOuGhTz oVer A sKeTcH

Human can think. This is statement of three words but if we understand the meaning. then definitely I can conclude that above fact has created a lots of changes in this universe.

A sketch is posted on wall of my room. Whenever a new person happened to enter in my room, get to see this sketch. I got variety thoughts or opinions on this sketch from different people.

Thought no 1- one madam had seen sketch. she said-they are in deep love with each other. and. the way they are holding each, it seems that they will never depart from each other.

Thought no 2- It was replica of cartoon picture that my hands had tried to draw with help of a pencil and a blank paper. One more senior had visited my room and saw the picture. He observed carefully. Finally concluded that the hair style of boy in sketch matches with mine. Both of you are not maintaining your hairs properly. His hairs are as unstructured as yours.

Thought no 3- It was in line with first one. That they are involved in highest intensity of love. and for a time being, they have lost connectivity with rest of world.

Thought no 4- I was among the most junior ones at my workplace, I was in contact with seniors only. One more such friend saw sketch. He found waist of boy is very narrow. It is not matching with picture, it looks odd.

Thought no 5- My one more friend shaded the picture with love. But this time I asked him to observe the picture and tell me what is wrong in the picture. He said- its perfect picture. It reflects good sense of love. Both of them were away from each other and could not see each other for long. And now after long time they are together.

Now I can say that there are two types of opinion. People who are talking about love includes two girls and one boy with broken heart. whereas other two have not tested flavour of love, Or just going mechanically.Its just a thought; not any kind of conclusion.
There was one more opinion I found ie. the artist of the sketch is ditched by a girl; and after that he has drawn it.

Now Lets see how did I draw this sketch.I had seen same sketch drawn by one of my colleague that I liked a lot. So I searched the same picture on net and drew it. After completing it, I was searching for right place to keep, Hence I decided to paste it on wall. There was no thought of love while drawing it.   


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