mY 10 mIn fB FriEnD....)

me.- hello.

me.- hi.

me.- hi...

me.- hi..

me.- hi..

she.- hi... finally reply flashed in my chat window. It was sixth message in my chat window where first four attempts were failed. Now what is the next thing to ask. By the time my friend went offline.

Green dot is flashing against her name again. This time I need to have a strong punch. I typed "hey asima roy." reply flashed immediately "what?" And finally my friend has got a question for me. "why do you show too much attitude in replying, Your profile pic actress had shown similar behaviour in the movie vicky donner", I typed.

And she went offline "see same again". Next moment she reacted back,"i know that. me asec ahe (I am like that only)" Madam has put a strong barrier on my path and I cant bat on it."what can I say then? but one should be grounded always" I replied very softly. " thanks for recognising me" she replied, I said "that's my pleasure." Thus chat continued with few more standard facebook chat questions. Finally I promised her that I am going to come back again.

Sitting idle in my room looking for something to kill time.Security guard opened gate and closed it again. Few mumbaikar were racing their vehicle to climb Khandala ghat within no time, inhaling breeze of fresh air. Some of them were enjoying hot tea at sonya's tapari.Our old friend were staring at crowd enjoying garam wadapav with puffs of cigarette at tapari. I was calmly observing everything from my window. There was nothing to time pass.

"where are you madam","when do you come online" Few massages were pending in her chat window but there was no reply.

I opened my account; a red coloured digit on chat icon was waiting to click it and within no time, i did it."me ethec ahe (i am here only)". "ohh,√ęthec mhanje kuthe." But there was no green dot against her name.

one more day, I was online and a message popped up on my window, "whenever I get time but only for ten minutes" But tracking someones ten minutes was not possible for me. And if at all, I could do that, How many things I could say.Then there was no communication for few days, meanwhile I messaged her 'happy friendship day", she replied after two day,'same to u'.

After silence of few day, one evening I caught her. I started with,'namaskar'. 'namaskar bola', message appeared. 'after long time', i said,

'but only for ten minute' I was silenced with her answer but started to think; what can I ask her? My mind was thoughtless,so I wrote,'what is the golden question should I ask you?'; she got confused with my funny reply,'what question? its time to leave for home.' And 10 mins were finished,

-'te tumach rojachach natak ahe... : . ( that is your routine drama...:( ), I was upset.
-'malavani mhatalyavr natak tar pahijec,nahi ka. (being malavani , I am good in dramabaji, isn't it', madam landed with rocking answer of the malavani manus.
-'natak karuk tumka bara yeta', I wrote.
-'bye' she said. 'bye but why', I replied.
-'natkak jaucha ha (going to drama)', she said.
-'you look very busy madam',I said.
-'tu yetlas kay', reply flashed.
-'at least tell me where do you stay? what do you do?',I asked very impatiently.
-'janinichy ukadyavar aahe re'
what is this answer? I got confussed.
-'leave it,I don't have time to explain you otherwise I will miss my train', she said.
I was thinking she stays near to my native home, "what should I leave?'
-'You and your questions. bye, tc good night',she was almost drained with my questions.
-'At least tell me, when are you going to come online next time, madam.'
-'whenever I will get time but only for ten minutes. and I am not your teacher' she said.
-'teacher , How come I am your teacher? I don't understand, why people are scared for sharing simple things also', asked asked.
-'tu kahich samju nako(you do not understand anything), bye take care. I am going', she went offline.

'Sorry I am here again. Kasha ahat apan?(how are you?)'.,after around two weeks.
She replied,'ekdam mast, apan kase ahat.(I am fine, How are you?)'
'bas aplya ashirwadane majet aahe.(with your blessing, I am also good)', I said.
'Do you like burphy?, she asked. 'why not? but why?'
'mag barphy pahayala nakki ja. (then you must watch burphy', she requested..
-'but why.
-'no special reason'
-'but I don't have movie theatre here.'
-'where do you stay?', she asked.
-'somewhere 100 kms from you.I will try my best to watch it', I promised which she had never asked me for.
-'bye', again message appeared.
-'Why are you always in hurry . Ok. But I will come back with burphy review.', I wrote.
-'hmmm. accounts department. always busy. bye', and she went offline again.

On the same day Burphy had released, and there was no show available at Lonavla. But I had one enthusiastic friend who was very much interested in watching same movie. And I should mention one important thing ie He had a car. Then we planned to watch movie at Pen. After finishing office, with one more friend, we left for movei. Somehow we managed to reach the theatre only 15 mins late. Movie show was already started. we jumped in the theatre without wasting time. We enjoyed the movei with soft soft punched of love. Meanwhile I had texted her that i am watching burphy.
and there was reply also,',,,,,,,,,,,'

It was ganesh festival time, many of the maharashtrians were enjoying it. but I was enjoying my shift duty, because I had badly failed in getting approval for leave.
'Did you like burphy?'
'yeah, but did you watch it?', I asked her.
'I don't watch movies',

Ganesh festival was on full swing.I had asked some funny questions and I think she got little upset with that. It was forth or fifth day of ganesh chathurthy. She replied,'I did not force you watch movie. ok bye'.
ohhh what is this? I replied,'Actually.Coincidentally I was invited to watch movie by my friend on the same day u asked to watch it.'
-'Did you you watch EK tha tiger', she asked.
-'should I plan for today evening? but why?', I asked.'And u don't watch movies!'
-'I never watch Ranvir's movies and never miss Salman's movie',Madam's mood was coming on track.'There was no request to watch burphy but plz watch ek tha tiger, nice movie. Madamchi request mhanun.(for madam's request please)'
-Now total atmoshere had changed,'aaj kay mood changla distoy apla. kasa kay?', I asked immediately.
-'today I am having fast', she answered.
-'ohh, ganapati special'
-'Shouldn't I have fast for ganapati', she asked.
-'Fasting is not for god, Its for our own benefit.', as usual I was up with funny reply,'but where do you celebrate this festival'
-'Gavi(at native place)', showing due respect to my question, she answered it.
-'do you mean America?', I asked.
-'How do you know that', she asked.
-'ganapati swapnat ala hota. mhanala kan kapayacha ahe.(Ganapati came in dream. He wants to cut your ear', I said.
-'but what I did?', she asked.
- 'he did not tell me that', I said.
-'but why didn't you ask ?'she said.
-'yes, I did ask. But he said I am not trustworthy person', I said.
-'But why?', she asked.
-'Because I always keep pestering you!', I said.
-'ok, then I will see to it', She convinced me.
-'Did you complain to GOD about me?', I asked.
-'There is nothing to complain. he knows everything', she said.
-'But do you have problem with that? Am I permitted to do that?', I asked.
-'thank you.'
-'but tell me one thing, How much do you trust me? 0.5,1,2%', I asked.
-'zero percent!!!', she kicked off my question.
-'thank you very much. actually I am not a person to trust', I had no choice other that this answer.
'All questions need not to have answer' her famous answer for many questions. she had habit of writing wishes on festivals. She had few standard answers; whenever I used to ask, do you like this? I don't like this.. that...I dont like moveis; I dont like gold, I dont like celebrations and so on.
Finally I asked what do you like?
'I like Ek minute shantata(one minute silence). Panyacha shant pravah. (silent flow of water)', She was up with very sophisticated answer.

I used to call her madam always. Initially she had problem with it. But now she had started calling herself as MADAM only.

Thus this chat was continued for many days. I came to know many things about her. She also had spent many years of her life at her native place and she was recently shifted to mumbai. I always had loads of questions for her. and she used answer them. And there were very few for her side. But still certain things were in dark. Many questions had answers which were not clear answers. And few statements had same reply,'all questions do not have answers.'

There was no communication for long time. It was 10-11-12.
-'no reply since long time. Something wrong?', I asked.
-'no, not at all. Today is good day', She replied.
-'why', I asked.
-'today is 10-11-12', she said.
-'ok', actually i did not get logic;'it means if your mood is good then only you will chat with me. I am low priority person. right?'
-'thats not right', She replied.
-'ani madamcha aaj bday ahe na(today is madam's birthday)', she told me.
-'ohh, wish you many many happy returns of the day', I had no choice other than this.
-'Is this the way to wish me birthday?', she replied.
-'then what should I do? Should I come to mumbai?', I asked.
-'no, any ways I dont like celebrations', she replied same type of answer.
-'ok, what can I do then?', I said. 'but at least some celebrations is necessary'
-'then enjoy two three pegs from me.', and she went offline.

It was one more evening during Diwali. This time also I was enjoying diwali with my shift duties.
That I was travelling for vashi to back home.I had expressed my diwali sentiments in her chat inbox. She sent some reply to it. She was on diwali leave so I aksed where are you.
-'ghari (home)', she answered.
Same type of Answer again.Now which home should I guess now? So I asked her.

-'sasari',she answered.

-'maher saasar, kadhi bolala nahi', I asked
-'aapan kadhi vicharal nahi mag kashala sangnar'

Now I got the answer-why many of my questions were not answered by her.

15th Nov 12


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