fInaLLy i oWn A fLat iN MuMbai.. :)

29th Jan 13

Whats the normal story of everyone when he enters in city like mumbai hunting bread and butter. First thing is to search for home. Getting a job is more easier than getting a home in mumbai. Around 8 years back, I entered in this mumbai MAYANAGRI. Initially I took help of my relatives; but that decision made me run all over the mumbai in the hunt shelter. Unfortunately everyone turned out to be helpless. After completing hectic journey of four years, I landed in company where company accommodation was available very easily and that was life time as long as I am with the company.After enjoying these ready made homes, Time has come to look for own flat; to say-this property belongs to me.

Initial thoughts started with small budget home. If not in mumbai then look what outside area says! I checked prices in area like mulund, thane. But it did not work. Then I asked a estate dealer lets walk 10- 20 km away more. But still prices were too high. I started walking on periphery of mumbai and my radius was increasing day by day.

I took decision to visit the places personally, so lets check area like navi mumbai-kharghar, Badlapur. when I checked on 99 acres, it was looking possible. I contacted one real estate agent in kharghar and planned to see him. When I went there, he convinced me that my budget of 20 lakhs is not good enough to own a flat on navi mumbai till panvel. He provided me options ike Taloja and nevade. With his one assistant I went there, almost all area was under construction. This area was very closed to proposed metro station but own by muslim people. I was not happy with location and we came back to his office where i saw that dealer was seating actually a real estate invester who was looking like left hand of Laaloo. I was introduced to him. He gave me offer saying i like your face so I can give you a flat in Ulwe at 3500 where the current rate is more that 4000. Then I decided to visit Location. I saw a small village was turning into a jungle of building. Newly coming sewri navha sea link and extension of harbour line in this area had made all these changes. When I looked at placed nothing was clear, there was not single proper road, all that I had to imagine only. Future was looking bright but it  was minimum 10 years down the line. But still with thought of getting 1 BHK i turned back to home. when my was asked by my father -how to reach there, I could not answer properly.
Next week I decided to check Badlapur. First I checked Krishna height everything was perfect;early possession, proper connectivity 15 mins from  station and within budget. Further to that I saw one more place called shashwat park.

When I went back I was having three option ie Ulwe which is full of dust but tomorrow was bright; Taloje was good but yet to develop and locality was little issue and last one was a much safer one -badlapur. And final call went to Badlapur. Decision was approved by family, because of early possessions and low risk. I had seen a flat on third flour but unfortunately 5th flour flat was written in my destiny- shashwat park Y - wing 502.

people say getting a flat in mumbai is dream for a maharashtrian. But I was not aware about boundary of mumbai which is increasing drastically today.


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