Its was very popular in earlier movies and serials; that people are entering in different world through a membrane like interface. ie harry potter enter the world of miracle through a wall,etc.
This is very much analogous with social networking site where we interact with unknown people without any real contact. The word social networking immediately diverts our attention to sites like facebook, twitter, etc. Facebook is very famous in young generation.

Someone opens the account; sends requests to girls. Few requests get accepted and many remain unanswered. Then first question is 'Hi'.Then if you are enough fortunate then reply appears;then soft soft flirting and so on. A boy sending request to girl, chatting with her, but there is one thing always missing ie a concrete trust. Ultimately whole relation depends upon a single mouse click; beyond that their existence for each other is zero.Any one person can understand only side of this interface whereas  other end is always imagination. If there is delay in reply means is she chatting with someone else also? Such things are always remains there.

But If a girls want to be a fake celebrity then facebook is good option. Just keep uploading photos and accept friend requests. With small chatting conversation can make you can facebook celebrity with more than 4000 friends in the list.


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